IDTA – 120° FLAT SPRAY TIP (120-05)


High drift reduction, asymmetrical spray pattern, and pinch-to-remove injector design allows you to easily and quickly remove while wearing protective gloves.


Spray angles of 120° to the front and 90° to the rear guarantee optimum deposition characteristics.
The sophisticated nozzle design results in an increased l/ha rate. In addition, the wide pressure range from 15-120 PSI offers larger forward speed ranges and ensures uniform crop coverage. A professional nozzle through and through.

  • High drift reduction over entire pressure range.
  • Asymmetric spray pattern for higher forward speed and
  • Reduced spray shadow
  • Wear-resistant ceramic material
  • Wide pressure range
  • High area spraying performance
  • Pinch-to-remove injector – easily and quickly remove without tools while wearing protective gloves (patented)

Higher requirements and strict regulations regarding drift are increasingly reducing the options available for spraying pesticides. IDTA gives these options back to you. Thanks to the high drift reduction, coarse droplets and excellent precision of the spray pattern, you can still work at wind speeds when other nozzles have long ceased operation.

Range of Application:
Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Liquid Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators

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Weight 0.125 lbs